Aircraft Transfer

Aircraft Consultants are specialized in handling Aircraft, Engines , Landing gears and\orĀ  Auxiliary Power units (APU) Transfer between Operators , Leasing Companies and vice versa.

Whether the transaction is lease ,sale , re-possession or combination.

Airworthiness Review

As the Civil Aviation Authorities are moving towards granting Airworthiness Review to operators , we can provide the complete service to operators to comply with the applicable regulations.

Our service includes full or partial reviews as requested for Airworthiness Directives , Service bulletins , Maintenance Programs , Components (Hard Time , On-condition condition monitored).


Aircraft Consultants can perform all sort of Airworthiness Audits including : Maintenance Program , Reliability Program , Mid Lease , End of Lease , Operators evaluation , Leasing Contracts Evaluation.

Aircraft consultants can also support operators on compliance with international Auditing (For Example IOSA) and National Audits (For example Civil Aviation Authority Audits)


We'll help you save money by meeting your target deadlines

Aircraft Consultants have wealth of experience enough to deal with complex and long term problems and resolve them by ideal solutions which will save Time and Money of course without compromising safety.

Get the job done correctly

We are proud of our slogan and we take it very seriously , once we are in agreement we'll ensure to get the job done correctly at the highest standards. We'll always keep our customers involved and well informed by the risks , critical path drivers to ensure correct deliveries.


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